March 2010

March was a relatively quite month around our house. Collin seemed to get closer and closer to walking, but just wouldn't do it on his own-without the help of the couch to walk along. Silly boy. He still preferred to have momma carry him around when we went out. I was so anxious for him to begin walking because he was so heavy! We had his 1 year check up a couple weeks after his birthday, which fell during the first week of March. He had, and still has, officially gone off his own growth curve! In March, he was a whopping 30lbs and 33 inches long! Big boy!! Our pediatrician just laughed and said "At least he's all in proporition! Makes sense after seeing Robert." So yes, perhaps you can understand why I was ready for him to begin walking!


Birthday boy turns 1!....a few months late!

I've definitely been out of the blogging world for a while now. Not sure what's up with that?! So, I'll take the next couple days and play catch up with what's been happening in our life. So, here goes...

February 24, Collin turned 1! I can't believe how quickly the time flew by! While I knew there would be lots of changes the first year, I couldn't beleive how fast he went from being my little baby to a little one on the verge of toddlerhood. Just so fast! And I was struggling with it a bit. Not sure why, but I was. It was so sweet, though, on his birthday because it was as if he knew his momma wanted him to stop growing up so fast. We went out for lunch with my family and all through lunch he kept leaning over to me wanting hug after hug. Just melted my heart. :)

The weekend after his birthday, we had a party at our house. We had a house full and he was beyond spoiled!! Here are some pictures from his actual birthday and his party.