29 weeks

It's time for a picture update! Here I am at 29 weeks...is it really possible that I only have 11 weeks to go?!?! Oh and look at my cute new plates! :)


A little support please...

So here's what I need some support on, and moral support is what I'm asking for. :) I have decided to start a little home-based business, if you will. What soon-to-be stay at home mommy wouldn't love to make a little extra money, right? Hence, this little business endeavor.

So, I have created another blog...my business blog. Quite frankly, I'm pretty nervous about this. I have no idea if this is anything people will go for or not and failure is a big fear of mine. I know, I know failure is how we build character but it's still scary. So, check out my blog and let me know what you think. Is this something people will be interested in? Here's the blog. www.sachetcafe.blogspot.com.

Thanks friends!!


27 weeks

According to my book this is the beginning of my 3rd trimester. However, according to my weekly emails, this is my final week of my 2nd trimester. Either way, March is approaching....fast....and I CANNOT wait! Yay! :)



My parents just came over and helped Robert move the furniture back in the room and into place (I was there but obviously wasn't able to help move the furniture.) Anyway, the room is PERFECT!! We are absolutely thrilled with the painting! THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRISTY!!! You did a phenomenal job!! Here are some pictures of the room. (And like I said with the ultrasound pictures, if you want to see it in person I would more than happy to show it to you! You can appreciate all the colors and detail much better in person. :) We do have some accessories that we are going to add, such as an adorable light that looks like a lantern, but I couldn't wait to post these pictures!! So, I'll just have to post more later when we get those things up. Enjoy!

Sweet little man

Today we had another appointment with the specialist. Everything is looking good with our little man and the doctor said he doesn't see any reason for concern. Yay!! The nurse who did our ultrasound was having fun and spoiling us by switching to the 4D imaging. And we got some fantastic pictures of his face! Oh he's so sweet!! Here they are. (Keep in mind that we don't have a scanner so this is me taking a picture with our digital camera and putting them on our computer. The pictures are clearer in person...so if you'd like to see them, I'd be more than happy to show you! :) In some of the pictures you can see his little arm and fist right up by his face. Oh I just love him to pieces already!!