Homemade Pancakes

Typically, we don't have big breakfasts around here. Robert leaves early and the kids get up at different times, so we just have a mix and match breakfast. Saturdays are the day we'll have a big breakfast, if we do them at all. But, we do enjoy breakfast for dinner. Growing up my mom would always make homemade pancakes from a recipe my Uncle gave her. And they are delicious! Maybe you'll love them, too!

Do you enjoy big breakfasts? Or maybe breakfast for dinner?


  1. I enjoy pancakes, waffles and french toast for "big" breakfasts. We love breakfast for dinner :)

  2. Yum!! I love pancakes! We never have big breakfasts in the morning as we are on 2 different schedules and I should stay away from hot burners and ovens when I first wake up :) We loooove having breakfast for dinner though and have it almost every couple of weeks!

  3. Breakfast is my favorite! I cook myself eggs and an english muffin every morning. However, we will cook a big breakfast for dinner occasionally. I love it all!


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