Thankful Thursday-Week 3

I hope you're enjoying these weekly posts as much as Katie, Mia, Carly and I are enjoying them! 2014 has already thrown some curveballs my way and I'm so thankful to have the reminder each day to find something I'm thankful for that day! We hope you'll join in with us this week and year as we focus on gratitude each day. Here's to week 3!

{Thursday, January 9} This little sweetie has been having a terrible time sleeping lately and I don't know why. But, that also means we get some sweet, early morning snuggles.

{Friday, January 10} After way too many gray, cold days, the sun came out and it was seriously so glorious to see it! After it broke threw the clouds, we immediately put our shoes and coats on and soaked up some rays outside!

{Saturday, January 11} The beautiful sunshine and even warmer temps continued through the weekend, allowing Robert and Emma to wash his car. So sweet! He's such a good daddy!

{Sunday, January 12} This girl....need I say more?! :)

{Monday, January 13} I love being a boy mom and watching his imagination as he plays with simple things like a shovel and dirt. He was digging for ants and buried treasures.

{Tuesday, January 14} My grandma has given me several different perpetual calendars over the years and I love them. They remind me of her everyday and they always have timely words of wisdom. After some not so great surprises with the house, this reminder was exactly what I needed.
{Wednesday, January 15} As I was opening the blinds, the sunrise literally took my breath away, it was so beautiful. Can I just say how incredibly grateful I am that every day is a new day and a chance to start over. My stress levels have been a bit high the last few days, which has bleed over and onto those I love. I'm not ok with that, at all. Praise God for His infinite graciousness in giving us a fresh start every, single day!

Now it's your turn to link up with us! We'd love to hear what you're thankful for this week!


  1. You kiddos are so cute! Soon I will have my own ;)

  2. Thank you! :) I'm so excited for you & your little one!!

  3. Such pretty pictures you've been able to capture! Happy Thankful Thursday!

  4. Love that we both added sunshine in our posts! And poor little sleepless Emma!

  5. That sunrise is beautiful! It's been so dark and gloomy here that we haven't had too many of those. Jealous of your days outside! Hope things get back to normal for you soon!!

  6. Seeing you and Mia both post about the sunshine made me wish I had posted about it too because it has definitely been a blessing this week after so much gloomy weather! Your kids are so cute! I hope she gets to sleeping better soon!

  7. I love these posts! I know The Lord loves when we start out our day giving thanks. I hope your baby girl starts sleeping better soon :)

  8. I love sweet things that remind me of my grandparents :)
    Such adorable kiddos!

  9. That sunset. I am always amazed at God's creativity each night!!! :)


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