School Room Makeover

For some reason it didn't occur to me until this evening, when it was dark, to take pictures of our school room to show y'all what we've done. So, I apologize in advance at how dark they are. And please keep in mind that this is an ongoing project. It is in no way finished, but it's good enough for now. :)
Ok, so this is the only "before" picture I have so I'll point out a few things. First off, the AWESOME blue indoor/outdoor carpet. Do I need to say anything more?! Second, the lovely blue plaid wallpaper. Is it just me, or does your mind go straight to Al Borland from Home Improvement.?! Robert and I actually love watching reruns of Home Improvement, but I'd rather not reminisce via my walls. :) Third, the lovely "planter box" wall lights. They are all kinds of awesome. Forth, the fashionable window blinds. So much goodness in this picture. Some we've done away with already, some of it we'll do away with in time.

So, we still have the AWESOME blue carpet. BUT, much of it is covered with our soft, fluffy area rug. The Al Borland wall paper has been removed and replaced with our favorite blue/gray color. My very handy husband (thanks, babe!) took down the planter box lights, moved the location of the electrical wires and installed the wall sconce lights. The lovely blinds have been taken down to let in the great morning sunlight. And we now have a comfortable, laid back school room. And seriously, how cute is that restored vintage desk?!

Things are continuing to go well as we figure out our new normal that now includes school. Collin is loving it and Emma is picking SO much up just listening to us go over things. I'm excited to see where we end up at the end of the school year. :)

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