Five on Friday

It's Friday and time for another installment of Five on Friday!

{one} Monday night was our regularly scheduled at home date night. I was looking forward to it all day. Made a yummy snack even. But by the time we actually sat down to watch the football game and enjoy one another's company, I could barely keep my eyes open! We watched for a little bit but made our way to bed much earlier than we normally do. But like I told Robert, it's just so comfortable and cozy with him that I am immediately relaxed. :) We'll try again this Monday...hopefully I'll stay awake better. Sheesh!
Thank you, Mix and Match Mama, for the yummy Moose Munch.
{two} Remember the adorable picture my friend Kim made, we'll here it is framed and on our entry table. I love it!! (She may not know it yet, but I'm going to need one for every season now. :))
{three} It's no secret that I LOVE my Scentsy, but I also love the cozy warm glow, and smell, of this candle. After an afternoon thunderstorm that brought cooler temps yesterday, it was finally time to light that baby. :)

{four} I finally tried Honest diapers and oh I LOVE them. (Um, I didn't personally try them, they are for Emma. :)) Now, I am ALL FOR cloth diapering when and if you can, however I also really appreciate safe disposable diapers for my baby. These are a winner!!!
{five} I realize that I am really behind on Guilana and Bill but I LOVE them!! I'm completely hooked on their reality show now and really can't wait to visit Chicago with Mia and eat at RPM!
Well, that sums up this week's edition. :) We have another busy weekend ahead, although it will finally feel like fall!! So that'll make our outside activities much more enjoyable. Have a great weekend!
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  1. Holy Moose Munch, that looks so good!! Looks like a perfect week! Can't wait for our trip too, and SOOOOO hoping we run into G&B ;)


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