A season of "no"

It has dawned on me recently that I'm entering a new season with my children, family and myself. And this new season that I'm entering is going to require me to say "no" to more things. Most of which are very good things. But, I'm learning rather quickly that I cannot do everything. And I must say "no".

Ever since I become a stay at home mommy with Collin, I have attended a women's bible study at church on a weekly basis. Even after Emma was born, I attended that fall's bible study. I missed the first week, because it started only a couple weeks after she was born, but other than that, I was there. And I didn't attend these studies because I "had" to, as if it was the "good, Christian thing" to do. I just love studying the Word, especially with other women.

However, this year has brought many changes, nearly all of which are good. At the first of the year, we were still living at my parents while we worked on getting our new home ready. Then, in March, we finally moved into our new home. We have been continually working on it since...boy, there are always projects that need to be done, especially when you buy a house that needs updating! Those things alone required me to take a break this past spring from a women's bible study at church. Summer rolled around, which brings it's usual craziness. And now that fall is here, we're starting our homeschool year and I just don't know that I could keep up with everything.

I'm so privileged and thankful for the bible study I get to lead with 'my girls' every Thursday night. We have been studying together for nearly two years and it is truly a highlight of my week. Having them and our study together makes it easier to say "no" to a women's bible study at church.

My eyes have just been opened, though, to this new season I'm entering in. It will be difficult for me to say "no" to some things and easier on other things. But it will be necessary. I cannot do it all. And the things God has placed in my life to do, I want to do them well and to the best of my ability. 

Have you found yourself in a season like this? Or another season? I'd love to hear how you handled these times.

Until next time,


  1. I am having a season of "no" right now too- just having said no to doing a Bible study. It is so unusual for me to not want to be involved with everything...but I feel like I need a time for rest and just to enjoy my family. I read recently every time you say yes to something, you're saying no to something else! So I've tried to think about that when I commit to things. :)

    1. I agree, it is weird for me, too! But you're right, I just want to enjoy my family and rest when I can. Boy, that's a good thought to remember when I'm considering adding something else to our schedule. Thank you for sharing that!!


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