Five on Friday

What a busy, busy weekend and week we have had! Here's this week's Five on Friday...enjoy! :)

{one} Saturday brought one of my best friend's wedding. She was beautiful. He was handsome. The wedding was gorgeous. Just a wonderful, beautiful day celebrating two of my favorite people! Plus, I was able to snag a pic with my handsome hubby...which almost never happens anymore. :)

{two} Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a fun, laid back birthday party for our sweet Emma girl. It was small, just family and our closest friends, but we had a wonderful time celebrating her!! This pic is from her actual birthday morning, last Friday. She thoroughly enjoyed her "birthday tree" and fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls.
{three} We started our homeschool year this week and it's going well! Sure, it's only the first week and I know we will have rough days, but it was just fun! Fun having an actual school room that's entirely separate from the rest of the house that we can go to; fun to set aside specific time to watch Collin learn and put things together; fun to watch Emma pick up on things just from watching and listening to Collin; fun to have more structure and routine to our day; just fun! :)

{four} I'm so excited because today I get to meet up with a college friend I haven't seen in YEARS! She lives in another state, but is here visiting and was able to work out a visit with me! She has two kids, almost the exact ages of Collin and Emma, so I know we'll have a great time and our kids will have a great time! :)
{five} Look at how talented my sweet friend Kim is:
She made this picture and I can't wait to have it printed and add it to my fall d├ęcor. Love it!
Well, that wraps up my top 5 things this week. I'm very much looking forward to the weekend with my family! We'll even catch a break in the weather with some cooler temps...which when I say cooler I mean uppers 80s instead of upper 90s, but it's a move in the right direction, right?! :)
Also, thank you for your continued prayers for Mia's brother! He's still in a coma, but there have been little victory's they've (we've) been able to celebrate that they (we) know are only because of Him. Keep praying!!
Until next time,


  1. Love your homeschooling pics! So excited for you and proud of you, you are going to be amazing of course :) And that picture Kim made, adorable!

  2. Good luck with your homeschool year!

  3. The colour of your dress is absolutely stunning!!!


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