We need each other

There are several things that I am passionate about. God, my marriage, my family, my friends.... just to name a few. Several of those passions will be colliding together beginning October 1st as I make my way through the devotional book Wife After God with several women I have never met in person. And I would really love for you to join us! {I love the community the blogging world offers!! What an incredible way for women to connect with other women; encouraging one another as we navigate life together as wives, mothers, friends, daughters, women. Love it!}

A few weeks ago, I posted a review on an incredible devotional book called Wife After God.  I love marriage and the beautiful picture it represents of Christ with His church. I also know that Satan wants nothing more than to destroy marriages and family. As children of God, though, we can claim victory over our marriages. That's what we will be doing October 1st as we spend the next 30 days making our marriage a top priority in our lives. I love hearing other women's stories and what God is doing in their lives, so I'm really excited and hopeful for what God is going to do in our lives next month.

I've set up a Facebook page to enable us to be connected to one another, no matter where you live, as we make our way through the devotional. The daily reading won't take you very, probably 10 minutes at most. And then I thought it'd be great to just share what God is doing in your marriage, in your heart and in your life through this devotional. We can encourage one another and pray for one another throughout the month and just see what God does. I'm excited!! Will you join us?!

You can purchase the book here and join the group here. Let's put God first in our marriages and lives and encourage one another!

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