Hi y'all!! It's been a long time since I've stopped by my little slice of the internet to say hello and share what we've been up to lately. July was a whirlwind of a month and, quite honestly, I'm happy to see it go!

August kicked off with a bang! Friday night, Robert and I picked up our brand new Honda Pilot!! We're really excited about it and enjoying it very much. Our van served us well for over 3 years, but we were ready for a change. And this is the perfect fit for our family.

Honda Pilot

Saturday brought Robert's 30th birthday!! Due to some unexpected changes in plans, I had to cancel the surprise party I had planned for him. His birthday wasn't as exciting and fun as I would have liked it to be. :( However, I'll be rescheduling his (non-surprise now) party and we'll have a great time with friends.

We ended the weekend with a cookout with our neighbors. It's so nice having neighbors who are friends, too! :)

How was your weekend?!