Meet Kristal

Hi, I'm Kristal! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

I've been married to my wonderful hubby since 2006. He's an incredible husband, my best friend and a wonderful father to our two children. He works hard for our family, which allows me to stay home with our children. I'm incredibly grateful for him.

We have two children, Collin and Emma. Collin was born in 2009 and Emma came along in 2011. They absolutely light up my life. They keep me on my toes, constantly, and teach me more than I may ever teach them. I adore spending my days with them.

We have an awesome Great Dane, Max, who is the sweetest dog ever. He's truly a gentle giant and we love that he's a member of our family.

I am a proud follower of Jesus Christ. He is everything to me and without Him I am nothing. I love, love the quote "Live your life in such a way that those who know you but don't know Him will come to know Him because they know you." That is my life motto.

I blog about life with my family, things I love, things God lays on my heart...a hodge podge really. I hope you enjoy your time here and come back often! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What month was Emma born? Lincoln is April 2011!

    And I love that you have a great dane! I have always wanted one and will hopefully get one once I get out of nursing school!

    Your family is precious and your love for Jesus is wonderful and such an encouragement!

    1. Emma was born in September 2011! I'm sure they'd be great little friends.

      He's SUCH good patient and gentle with the kiddos! I hope you get one someday! :)

      Thank you for your sweet words about my family! I certainly wouldn't be who I am without sweet Jesus in my life!!

  2. Hi Kristal!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! To find out all about it go here...

    Hope you are having a great day!

  3. I have a son born in 2011! And your dog? WAYYY cuter than my annoying labs. :) New to your blog and can't wait to get to know your adorable family!

  4. You have such a beautiful family and a beautiful blog you've shared it on! Stopping by from #UBP14, thank you for the little reminders on being grateful!


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