Five on Friday

We made it to the weekend! Yay!! I'm linking up today with Darci {and friends} and Lauren Elizabeth. This is a random mix, so here we go!

{one} I'm not a big magazine subscriber, but I do subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens. I received a free subscription and have kept it up. But, I'm thinking about subscribing to Southern Living. Do any of you subscribe? Should I do it?

{two} You probably don't remember, but I've been on the hunt of the perfect desk chair for months. I had a couple picked out that I thought would be great, but I never 'bit the bullet' on them. And I'm so glad I didn't! I found this chair at Sam's Club, of all places, and it's just perfect!

{three} These two have been extra sweet lately and love to hold hands when we're out running errands. Totally fine by me! :)
{four} I have some family and friends going through some rough times and this song is a great reminder to me to always use my words to bring life to everybody I'm around.

{five} I've really been enjoying our Thankful Thursday link ups. I love visiting new blogs and meeting new people. If you haven't linked up with us yet, I hope you'll join us this week!

Any big weekend plans?


  1. Love the new desk chair! Yay for some good Sams/Costco finds this week! And the holding hands pic.. too precious! Have a good weekend :)

  2. I love that chair! we are also on the hunt for a desk chair (& kind of a new desk...haha)! Your kids are so cute-- that's such a cute picture they will love when they're older!

  3. Great song and reminder! Love you sweet friend and happy weekend :)

  4. Sam's Club!! Who knew?! Cheers to that!!! :)
    And your babes holding hands...bless it!
    Happy weekend, friend!! xx

  5. I think you did great on your chair!

  6. Hiii! Thanks so much for reading and following along with me, I am following you on GFC and cannot wait to read more! The pic of your precious babes holding hands...melt! Adorable. Happy Friday! So excited to join this amazing blogging community! Xx.

  7. Love that chair!!! I love SL mag...but check around online for the best subscription deal!

  8. I LOVE that chair! I'm currently trying to revamp the play room (to the children's dismay) and regain my office! I love the way that desk looks against the wall and the way the light is dimmed makes me want to go sit in your office! haha
    The holding hands!!!! Oh My Gum Drops!!! My kids are 8 and 1 and currently not getting along. Every so often the baby will decide to not bully the older one and those days are great! Seeing those two babies holding hands while walking melted me!

  9. I love your blog


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