New Clothes

This past Friday I was forced to break down and buy some new clothes. I simply don't have any more pants/capris that fit me. They are uncomfortably tight. And my belly is growing quickly! It was so odd to be buying maternity clothes this early, especially when the ladies checking me out at the cash register felt it is necessary to tell me that they were 5-6 months pregnant before they had to wear maternity clothes. To me it's weird enough to already be showing a little, but hey what can you do. My doctor has reassured me that it is completely fine to be showing because I am smaller framed and will just show earlier. Anyways, that's enough rambling about that. Here are a couple more pictures of me and our growing baby. The first one is me at 9 weeks and the second is at 10 weeks. We go to the doctor again on Wednesday and will do another ultrasound so we'll have more pictures of our little one growing! I'm so excited!!


  1. Congrats!! THis is the first time I've visited your blog--keep the pics coming:) Are you still feeling fairly well? I think it's cute that our parents are experiencing grandparent-hood together:) --Jess

  2. Don't worry about the clothes thing. I was in the exact same boat as you. Everyone kept saying they didn't have to buy maternity clothes until they were like 5-6 months along because they didn't show until then. I was unbuttoning my jeans by about 7 or 8 weeks! :) So, I know exactly how you feel. I even started to grow out of my maternity clothes at the very very end. It was ridiculous! It's fun to have a bump earlier than later I think. I had people asking me how far along I was at about 3 months... :)


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