2 months

Well, our little guy turned 2 months old this past Friday. Wow, 2 months already!! He's just the best baby. Unless he's hungry, he's very content and smiles a lot! And, he's sleeping through the night!! Yay! I love being a mommy more and more everyday.

I can be such a little ham for mommy.

I let Mommy and Daddy know that sleeping on my belly is the only way for me.

Here I am with my new sunglasses...what a cool dude!

I take after my Uncle Andy...I'm a 'little budda' just like he was!

I had my first cold and had a stuffy nose, so Mommy would let me lay in bed with her after Daddy left for work so we both could get a little more sleep.

Here's 'little budda' again!

2 month picture with my little lamb

I love my daddy!! Especially when he changes my dirty diapers! He's such a funny guy! One day soon I'll be able to ride my puppy Max like a horse! I'm getting a little practice in now.


  1. Yea!! I love all the pictures (and your narrations from Collin's point of view)! His tummy is so big! I love it! His legs are getting chubby and long! He is so cute! I am so glad he is sleeping through the night! He is growing too quickly!


  2. Such sweet pics of your little sweetie! My babies all slept on their tummies too, Ruby won't sleep any other way. My favorite pic is the one with your hubby and his mask-too funny!!!

  3. He's getting soooo big!! Love all the pictures and Robert and the mask are hilarious :D

  4. the gas mask and the one of him riding Max made me laugh out loud...so cute!!

  5. Max has one laid back personality. Give Collin six-eight months and he will be crawling up on Max all by himself. How nice to have a living, breathing "rocking dog"

  6. OH MY GOODNESS.....HE IS JUST THE SWEETEST ONE EVER!!!!! That smile and those sunglasses...oh my...I just can't get enough of that little man!! We love him soooo much!!! Tell Mr. Collin that his nana and papa love him bunches!!!

  7. Got your birth announcement in the mail today. So cute! Waiting to hear more updates on Collin. :) Can't wait to see you in about a month.

  8. How did you trip go? I've been thinking about you lately. Looking for an update on little Collin too. :) Aidan has been battling ear infections for 2 weeks now, so that has pretty much consumed my day. Can't wait to see you soon!


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