More pictures!

Little Buckeye!

Sup, thug!

I think I'm gonna like this jumping business!

Best buddies

Layin' with Aunt Kaley and saying "It's too early for pictures Mom!"

Totally relaxed at the beach

Hooray for the beach!

Family picture

Probably a more appropriate family picture

What's with Daddy and putting diapers on my head?! (see his teeth?)

Cutie pie!

Love my snuggle bear!

I'd like to be outside playing with Max and Cali!

That pillow is pretty funny

Sleepin on mommy

My daddy is a swell guy!


  1. What sweet pics of your cutie pie! He looks like he has a rockin tan! :) You look FABULOUS in your bathing suit, if I looked like you I would wear nothing but my bathing suit ALL the time. ;)

  2. I love the pictures! he's getting so big and so adorable! and I must say, you are rocking the 2 piece swim suit! way to go, girl!

  3. Love Collin! His parents aren't so bad either! Good pictures and I love all the smiles he is giving now! He sure is a growin' boy!

    Isn't it funny how these other people think that is your body in the swim suit when you really just copy and pasted your head on my body? I can't believe it looks so real! You did a good job with that photo shop stuff!


  4. I love the beach family photo! What a gorgeous little family. Thanks for keeping us updated on your growing little guy

  5. i love your swim suit, so cute. can't believe he already has teeth. aidan is working on his molars, so we are having a lot less sleep around here too.

  6. You look great! What a sweet family!

  7. Kristal I have been meaning to tell you that your little guys is so handsome. Love the pictures.

  8. Hi Kristal! I haven't seen you in forever! I hope you're doing well! Little Collin isn't so little anymore! He's getting so big!!! Thanks for inviting me to read your blog! We love to keep up with your family ;-)


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