Growing up!

Well, our little man is already 11 months, well on his way to 1 year old!! It's amazing how much has changed in the past year. Last January, I was desperately hoping he would flip and I would be able to deliver him naturally. And now, he's here bigger and healthier than ever!! He is crawling allll over the place and wants to badly to walk. He just gets a little too excited for that. Just a matter of time though. He still has the same 8 teeth he's had for the past couple months, but just yesterday another one partially broke through. Poor little guy is working on more, though. It's been a rough couple of weeks for him. Here are some of the latest pictures of him. (I have been trying all morning to upload some pictures but I must be having problems with Blogger because I can't make it happen! Stay tuned for those pictures!)

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