Thank you!!

I just want to say a HUGE "Thank you" to you all for your help with our bedding situation!!! There are actually a couple ladies at church who said they can help us create our crib bedding, bless their hearts!! So thank you again for all your input!! I'm still lacking a crib skirt and sheets, so I appreciate your suggestions on checking out Etsy. That's a new website for me, so I'm having fun looking at all the different things I can get there. I'm confident that Collin's room will be Robert and I's little dream nursery!! (Because really, Collin won't care what his room looks like...I know this is all for me. :))


  1. It will be just fine! I had the hardest time finding just what I wanted for Sadie. In the end, it was all fine. You'll love the room no matter what once little Collin is in it!

  2. Nothing wrong with wanting everything to be just right for your precious baby boy. Glad you found a good solution. Can't wait for updates on the nursery. What could be better - you get to shop, decorate, shop, and put a brand new baby in a brand new room. SWEET!


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