Trip to Dallas and a surprise bunny

We went to Dallas this weekend for a family friend's wedding, which was beautiful. We spent the weekend there with my parents and another couple and had a fun time together. The boys went to Dave and Busters and another similar arcade and had a great time while we ladies went shopping. While at the mall, we came across a Carter's store and I got a few outfits for Collin that are my current favorites!! (It would have been so easy to go overboard there, but I reminded myself that he's not going to get to wear these very much since babies grow so quickly.) In fact, if they made bedding with the same things on it, I would absolutely buy it. They are "forest friends" animals and EXACTLY what I was wanting for our bedding. Oh well. Since we were gone all weekend and Robert left Monday for a week long business trip to Houston, we didn't get a picture taken of my growing belly. Rest assured, though, it is certainly growing!

On a different note, I received the neatest gift in the mail the other day. When my mom was a junior in high school, my grandparents hosted a foreign exchange student from Germany. Over the years, Sylvia, my mom's foreign exchange sister, has stayed in contact with my mom, aunt and uncles. In fact, Sylvia was one of my mom's bridesmaids. Unfortunately, I have never met her but have heard lots about her. Well, she sent Robert, Collin and I a stuffed bunny that plays Mozart when you pull it's string. What's so neat about it is that if I play this song for him every night at bedtime while he is still in my womb and faithfully play it until he arrives, he was associate that bunny and song with sleep time. Apparently this really works, but only works if you start while your baby is in the womb. So Robert and I have been faithfully playing that for him every night when we go to bed. We even took it to Dallas with us this past weekend. :) It will be so intersting to see how he reacts to it once he's here with us. However, it's neat because Collin tends to be most active when I am ready to go to bed, but since we've been playing this song for him, he calms down. There was only one night when he just didn't "get it" and was kicking and moving up a storm. But that's ok. I'm not always tired when I typically go to bed so I can't expect him to be either. Thank you, Sylvia!! I'm excited to tell him about this special bunny and who it came from once he's here.


  1. You're so practical! How can you not buy everything in Carter's? You'll probably find everything that you wanted for Collin's room right after he is born - that's what happened to me. Why can't those designers read our minds? The bunny thing sounds neat - never heard of it, but something that would be fun to try next time around.

  2. Well, I miss the baby bump photo, but I love the idea of playing music before Collin is born. Smart thinking. No wonder my kids never wanted to go to bed. They had a steady diet of 60s, 70s, and 80s pop music before they were born. My kids must have been born to boogie!

  3. What a sweet bunny story! I love it!! I hope it works!

  4. how sweet of her to send that bunny!! geoff and i sang "take me out to the ball game" to kayli every night (it's a long story) when i was prego with hudson and after he was born it was the only song that would calm him down, seriously...it worked on an airplane and the lady next to me was super surprised it worked! you little one will recognize that music, how very cool!!

    by the way, very cute little belly!!


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