One month!

A month has come and gone already with our little man!! My goodness that went fast! He has changed so much in that short amount of time. He has really started to put on weight and grow in length which makes me so very happy!! And he's waking up more and more and has even started cooing at me....brings tears to my eyes every time I hear him do that!! And most recently, he's decided that he only wants to eat once at night. His last feeding is about 9 or 10pm and then he'll wake me up between 2-3am to eat and then won't eat again until 7am. I wish I could say that he sleeps the entire time between feedings, but we're not quite there yet. He'll wake me up after he eats with a dirty diaper but goes right back down once he's all clean. He's really such a good baby. We feel quite blessed! It's an interesting thing because I really can't imagine my life without him and I sit here and wonder, what did I do before he was here? It feels like the most natural thing to have him in our life and I'm loving being his mommy. There's no doubt that this is what I was made to do. I only have a couple pictures to post...my goal is to take more pictures of our little cutie...especially since he's waking up more!

I stole the idea of taking monthly pictures with a stuffed animal from Lisa. The idea is to have a BIG stuffed animal so you can see how much he's grown. Well, wouldn't you know the one big stuffed animal I had somehow found it's way into Max's mouth and became a toy. So, I chose this lamb in honor of my Grandma Miller who passed away in December. She had a lamb very similar to this one that my parents got for her when my Grandpa passed away. It was a very special lamb to her and in her last days she ALWAYS had it in her arms. I sure do miss her!

This was his first day to go to church. He had the cutest outfit on and those shoes....oh I just love them!! (Excuse the mommy in this picture...definitely need make-up!)


  1. a brand-new mommy does not need make-up...she's already glowing enough the way it is! and oh, my, goodness...he looks just like Robert! :)

  2. I agree--you look fantastic, Kristal! It's so wonderful when they finally wake up and begin to take in the world around you. Collin is absolutely adorable!

  3. Already 1 month! Hard to believe all those people who say "it goes by so fast" are right! You look gorgeous and your little man is incredible. Eat up all those coos and goos ;)

  4. he is too cute and you look fabulous!!!

  5. What a precious little fella! His first day at church and I missed it! Rats! :) Sorry to learn of your Grandma. How sweet to use the lamb then in your pictures.
    You look just fabulous even without make-up and limited sleep, so no worries. You fit the role of Mama beautifully and glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for sharing those pictures. :)


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