DWTS weekend-Sunday

We're back from our weekend to LA for Dancing with the Stars! We had such a good time and are so thankful for the quick getaway we were able to have together. For only being there 2 days, I feel like we did quite a few things, so I'll break our time down into a few posts so I don't bore or overwhelm you. :) First up, Sunday....

We arrived in LA about 11:00 Sunday morning. We decided to rent a car while we were there, so that was our first stop. After picking up our car, we headed straight for In N' Out. We found one relatively close to the airport but it was packed! So, we headed out to find another one. This one was equally packed with no seating inside, so we got it to go and enjoyed it in our car. It was good, but surprisingly, it wasn't as good as we remembered it being. We both agreed we'd take Freddy's over In N' Out.

After lunch, our next stop was the Hollywood Hills. We decided to go on a hike at Runyon Canyon. It took us so long to get there and then even longer to find a place to park. This, really, was our first time in LA. We did go on a "babymoon" to California before we had Collin, but we headed north and then drove down the coast finishing our trip off visiting friends in a LA suburb. That being said, we were immediately overwhelmed with the amount of people, businesses and stuff in LA. It was almost overload for our senses. We didn't feel like we could take it all in because there was so much to look at. So, we were excited to finally reach Runyon Canyon and see the city from up high.

The hike and views did not disappoint.
It was a really beautiful, warm day out. There were many people out hiking, running, doing yoga. I was hoping we'd run into some celebrities, but no luck on that. We finished our hike a bit sooner than we expected, but made up the time traveling to our hotel.
So, after our hike we headed to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The closer we got, that more apparent it became that we were definitely in Beverly Hills and not Oklahoma anymore. If I'm being honest, I pretty quickly felt out of place. Something we didn't realize until we reached our hotel is that it was at the end of Rodeo Drive. We needed to find a place to park the car and luckily there was a parking garage right across from our hotel. This was no ordinary parking garage, though.
We pulled off the street and began driving down into the parking garage and I immediately told Robert, "We should not be parking here!" This was an incredibly nice, valet only, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi vehicles everywhere! And here we were rolling up in our car all sweaty and stinky. Uncomfortable! But, we went ahead and parked there. We proceeded to unload our luggage and take it up the elevator and right out into a courtyard area of Rodeo Drive. It was awful!!! People were looking at us like "What in the world are you doing?!" Seriously, I kid you not that every eye was on us as I was wrangling our luggage down Rodeo Dr., down two flights stairs beside a beautiful fountain. I was nearly in tears.
We finally made it to our hotel. The lady who checked us into our room was so friendly and nice. Even as I was shaking and accidently dropped/threw our credit card at her for incidentals. I could not wait to get up to our room, cleaned up and out of sight for a few minutes. We made it up to our room and it did not disappoint.
It was certainly a nice room but I wasn't afraid to touch things like I thought I might be. :) It was actually very comfortable. We got cleaned up before heading out to Santa Monica. This post is getting a bit lengthy, so stay tuned for more later. And thanks for sticking with me this far and wanting to know about our weekend!!

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