Ham, beans and corn bread

Whew, what a wonderful week and weekend it has been with family and friends! I sure hope you had a great Christmas with those you love! I'm looking forward to doing a Christmas recap very soon. But until then, here is a favorite 'after Christmas' meal.

If you're like me, you over estimate how much ham you'll need for Christmas dinner and always end up with lots of leftovers. In my family, and maybe yours too, we take that ham, put it in a pot with some Great Northern Beans, fill it with water and let it cook all day. The ham falls off the bone by the end of the day and you have a ham & bean soup. We pair it with chopped onions and homemade cornbread. It's a very easy way to use up the leftovers and provide plenty of food for another big family meal.

Do you have any favorite 'after Christmas' dishes? (Or any holiday, for that matter. :))

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  1. I look forward to some of the lefts overs. It helps me to know I don't have to eat everything the day of and completely get stuffed bc I know we will have some sent home with us! We are eating on some left over brisket!

  2. I love corn bread so I will definitely be trying this out! I also posted a recipe today with leftovers from our "spaghetti Christmas"! Have a great Monday!


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