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Happy Wednesday! I'm excited to link up with Mia and Kelli for my current faves. It's a hodge podge of sorts, but what I'm loving right now.

{Collin and Emma} Did you really think I could make it through a favorites post without mentioning these cuties?! I didn't think so. But really, they are just the best of friends and adore playing together. Collin is really growing and maturing so much and it is so sweet watching the two of them together.

{Sunwarrior Protein Powder} I'm loving this protein powder!!! I'll mix it up with some Almond Milk and bam! I'm on my way to building strong, lean muscles. :)

{Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix} I mean, does this need much explanation?! If I'm exercising, I have to reward myself for it, right?! But seriously, this stuff is amazing!!

{My lovebug} Oh, he'll just love that I shared my nickname for him, but oh well. :) He's my fav!! And last month we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and that celebration included those giant, delicious pieces of pie you see! Yum!!!
So, what are your current favorites {anything counts!}?
Make Me Up Mia


  1. Happy Anniversary! Your family is just beautiful! Both you AND Mia included that trail mix in your monthly faves - I must go pick some up immediately!! (came from the Monthly Faves linkup!) XOXO

  2. Your kids are so adorable!!! Happy Anniversary to you and your man :) I want some of that trail mix. I am normally not a trail mix eater, but I will be honest.. that looks good!!

  3. Happy belated Anniversary! Hope you guys had a wonderful night out - you deserve it! Those giant slices of pie look amaaazing!

  4. Happy anniversary. Belated of course. Congrats on right years with your love bug. :)

  5. Trail mix are my favorite!! I love the photo of you and your hubs!! So cute!!

  6. Your family is just too cute! And I love a good trail mix!

  7. Cheers to Monster mix ;) Thanks for the protein powder recommendation too! Love your anniversary pic, your coffee and desserts look so good!

  8. I just love that your kids are best friends :) That's awesome! Where do you get that protein from? I am looking for a good vegan one! Do you order it on Amazon? And I LOVE that trail mix too...I have to have a little chocolate in my trail mix :) Thanks for joining the link-up! So happy to have found your blog!

    1. I bought the protein and love it!! Thanks for the recommendation, Kristal!!

  9. You & your hubby are just the cutest pair :) so you know you were going to have cute kiddos :)
    I need to find that protein powder. So hard to find a good one that's yummy.

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I want some of that carrot cake RIGHT NOW. Yum! Adorable kiddos.


  11. Love the anniversary pic and your fav's are fabulous! (especially the kiddos of course!) haha xoxo

  12. Collin and Emma are so cute! I love how well they get together. I have a brother, so I'm a little biased, but I think brother-sister relationships are the best! Such a great anniversary picture of you guys! Glad you had a good day that pie looks delicious!


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