Weekend Recap-#23 checked off!

Happy Monday! It's been a good, busy summer so far which means I've been a bit haphazard with my blogging. So, thanks for coming back!! :) You can always keep up with our fun on Instagram, too. :)

Saturday was "the" day of the weekend. It started off with a blate (blog date) with my bestie Mia and Cassie. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cosmo Cafe.

blog date

Later Saturday afternoon, I headed off to get my first {and likely only} tattoo. Now, this is seriously the craziest thing I have ever done. Some of you may be thinking, "Wow really?!" Others may be thinking, "I cannot believe you got a tattoo!!" Where ever you are in that spectrum, the truth remains, I did it!

The older I get, the more I giggle to myself at the things I said I would never do and here I am doing them. From getting a tattoo to parenting decisions, I'm eating my words. That being said, I seriously doubt I'll get another tattoo, but I'm definitely not going to say I will never get another tattoo. I've officially marked #23 off my 30 by 30 list.


Starting tomorrow, you'll also find my over at Oklahoma Women Bloggers as their July Blogger of the Month. I'll be stopping by a few times throughout the month with new posts.

How was your weekend?


  1. Woo hoo!!! Saturday was a blast and you did so good, I'm betting this will NOT be your only one! Heal up buttercup, and start thinking of tat #2….. ;)

  2. Love the tattoo design you chose!

  3. what a fabulous tattoo! super cute! i got mine when I was 18 & 19 and I am pretty sure I'm done, haha.

  4. I love it!! Way to knock another item off your bucket list!!! :) Thanks for linking up with us!! xo

  5. Fantastic tattoo, love the pink heart.

    Best, Mree

  6. I love wrist tattoos! It turned out amazingly- you are definitely brave! And what a fun blate :)

  7. I am so glad you got a tattoo!! If that's the craziest thing you have ever done then I know it's crazy!! The craziest thing I have ever done is probably go zip lining hahhahahha so imagine me getting a tattoo.. Maybe one day, maybe now.. Who knows haha

  8. You gotta blog about why you decided on that design!! Adorable by the way too! :)

  9. Linking up! Congrats on your tattoo! I did one in the same place a few years ago just to be brave and I am so glad I did. Definitely don't plan on any more but I always look at it and feel brave! Have a fabulous day!



  10. I had a great time at lunch with you ladies! I can't believe you didn't even mention that you were going to go get a tattoo!!!! ha!

  11. Just stumbled across your blog from Mia's! Can't believe I've not found u before! But anyways I just followed u! LOVE your tattoo! And I also adore Mia and her blog! Your lucky to have a bestie like Mia! She's amazing!!!

  12. Love it! So simple and pretty! Kudos to you because I definitely don't have the guts to get a tattoo! Haha! :)

  13. You girls look great on your blate and I love your new tattoo!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday yesterday! :)


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