Pray for Mayberry

Today I come to you both brokenhearted and hopeful. As some of you may know, Mia's brother was involved in a terrible accident on September 1, 2013 that has left him fighting for his life ever since. It has been a roller coaster ride of deep valleys and hopeful highs. However, the circumstances around the accident are frustrating, to say the least.

Yesterday, the Nancy Grace show released a story about Christian and the family with an attempt to draw attention to their situation in the hopes of finding Christian the treatment he needs, while bringing justice to him and the family. This leads you to my broken, yet hopeful heart.

The attention of the Nancy Grace story brings the hope that somebody, somewhere will hear his story and know of a place where Christian can receive the rehabilitation he needs. But it also reveals haters who are waiting and ready to pounce on the family and tear them to shreds over things they know nothing about and assumptions they've made that are completely untrue!

The latter fires me up bad. Knowing Mia and her family in the intimate way I do absolutely breaks me heart as I watch them reel from the effects of mean, hateful words spoken to them and about them in this darkest of times.

What I'm asking you is to please read and share the story and help us get the word out about Christian and the help he needs right now;and in the end, bring justice to Christian.

And please, please use your words to speak life to Mia and her family. The haters are loud and their words sting deep, but we have to power to bring life and hope to the Mayberry family. Let's be loud!!



  1. I feel so badly for Mia and her family. Such an awful tragedy, especially for someone so young. They are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. This just breaks my heart. Love Mia and it's so obvious how much they love Mayberry. I'll keep praying for him.

  3. Thank you for sharing the Caring Bridge page - I must have missed that before. I want to help anyway that I can! Sending lots and lots of prayers!

  4. What a sweet friend you are!!!!
    I told Mia yesterday - I can get on a soap box & SCREAM for DAYS on this... the way our country treats our sick & injured - its horrid.

  5. I've been following this story ever since I came across Mia's blog...my heart just breaks for her family. You are such a sweet friend to try and get the word out-I keep praying they will find what they need for Christian!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you sweet friend. You know my family adores you and your family, thank you for every single thing you do/have done to help us!

  7. Love how you say that we can bring life and hope to the family! Oh so true! Thank you for being such a great friend to Mia and supporting her family!


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