17 weeks....movin along

Well, only 3 short weeks and I'll be half way there!! Surprisingly, it doesn't feel like it's taking too long to get to March. Although get me around these newborn babies and I'll act as if 5 months is an eternity to wait for Colin! :)


  1. You're so cute! Please don't tell me you're still wearing your non-preg jeans...

  2. I'm glad I found that web site for you. I love finding stuff online because you can find unique stuff. Baby shopping is sooooo fun, isn't it? Bet your mom is loving it. I know I would be. One of these days when Ashlee and Jason are ready, I'll know what that's like. For now, I love reading about every one else's grandbabies and/or grandbabies-to-be.

  3. hi Kristal!! I finally figured out how to leave you a message!!! yay! I don't really have anything to comment about, just wanted to let you know I can leave comments now if I want to. :)

  4. Hi Krystal ;-) I came to your blog from Heather Koenig's. Congrats on your pregnancy - I hope it goes fast for you but enjoy your time alone with your husband while you can! I'll be reading ;-)



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