OK, so I know I said that my next post would have some pictures from our trip to California, but I obviously haven't made that happen yet. Robert and I are in a bit a dilemma, though. We had another appointment today, just a regular check up. No ultrasound, we just listened to the heartbeat, which was 152. However, as we were talking with our doctor about our specialist appointment on Monday (15th), she told us that at that appointment they can tell us whether we are having a boy or a girl. Here's the problem...we don't know if we want to find out or wait until he/she is born. Before we were even pregnant, we always said that we wanted to be surprised and didn't want to find out the sex of our baby and have continued to say that up to this point of our pregnancy. But now we are having second thoughts. Major second thoughts. So, I'm asking you all....what do you think we should do> Find out or be surprised....


  1. That's a tough call. Only you can decide. Can't go wrong either way - because you will be totally excited no matter what. For me I liked knowing because I wanted the baby's room to be gender-specific. I thought, if it's the only girl or boy that I'm having, I wanted all the stuff to be completely girly or completely boy. Have fun!!!

  2. Well, Dan and I didn't find out with Brett; he wanted to but I didn't, and boy were we surprised! I highly recommend not finding out because there are so few surprises left in life and you will still get girl or boy stuff no matter what. Family and friends will buy all kinds of cute outfits/etc., but I thought that nothing beat the surprise!


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