Specialist Appointment

Our appointment today went very well. Before we began the ultrasound, Dr. Fumia was talking to us about why we were there and was saying that he did not feel that Robert's kidney problems are genetic. So this was very good news!! And the problem Robert did have with his kidney, which was a blocked kidney, can be easily detected on an ultrasound. So when we did the ultrasound, he didn't find anything to be concerned about. He does want to see us back in 6 weeks just to make sure that everything still looks good. And then at that point if everything is still good, we won't need to come back again. So this was very good news for us!!

We did decide to find out what we're having and my intuitions were confirmed....IT'S A BOY!! He did say that sometime it can be a little deceiving at times this early in pregnancy, but he is quite confident that it's a boy. He was even able to get a picture of him right between his legs, and I don't know how anybody could question that it's a boy because you can see his little wee-wee. We also decided on a name. Colin Robert Strong. That's our boy! So we are very excited about this!! I can't wait to start decorating! I was thinking that I'd like to go neutral, which we still may do, but I'd really like to find some 'outdoorsy' bedding. What I'm thinking with that is something with bears and other outdoor animals....not so much teddy bears though. So if any of you happen to find something 'outdoorsy' I'd love to know about it. :)


  1. Congrats!!! Man, you guys came up with a name quick!!...which means you AGREED on a name quick:) It's fun to know the gender ahead of time so you can plan & shop...I'm glad you found out!

  2. Here's a few ideas ;-)

    The following links are from J.C. Penney (who has a TON of cute bedding ideas). These are cute, yet not so "theme-ish". That way, you could add "outdoorsy" accessories now and change them later if you get tired of them:




    Gordman's is a great place to find "outdoorsy" accessories. (I love to decorate, if you can't tell!)

    I also have a side painting business if you'd ever like to have some decorative painting done in Colin's nursery ;-)

    Take care & I'll see you soon!


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