Five on Friday!

It's FRIDAY!! This has been a CRA-ZY week and I'm so happy to have the weekend upon us! I missed linking up last week, but I'm excited to be back this week.

{one} A couple weekends ago, we went to the zoo with my friend Ang and then Robert's company picnic right after. It was a fun, full morning!! But, Emma was able to ride a pony for the first time and loved it. I CANNOT believe how big she is getting!!
I managed to capture both of my cuties at once, totally not on purpose but I'm thrilled I did!
{two} Monday night, we went to the Tulsa State Fair. We look forward to this every year, but I was especially excited about it this year because my FAV Christian band was playing...Casting Crowns! We had a good time at the concert and I let go a little bit of Collin as he enjoyed the rides.
{three} We are continuing to Pray for Mayberry, and Collin prays for him every.single.day. and it warms my heart each time I hear him call out to God for healing. I just love the openness and faith of little children!
{four} Since we moved into to our house months ago, I have been on the hunt for bedding for our guest room. However, I refused to pay an arm and a leg, plus I just haven't been to sure what exactly I wanted. Enter Target. Do I really need to say anything more?! Haha. I was roaming the aisles the other day with the kiddos and came upon a Nate Berkus duvet set that is just perfect for the guest room, and best part, it was on sale for $20!! For a 5 piece duvet set!! I snatched that baby up!
{five} The time has almost come for Mia and I to head to Chicago!! We are SO excited for the getaway, probably even more excited now than when we booked the trip, due to the craziness and difficultness (is that even a word) of the last month! So, what are some things we need to do or places we need to go while we're there?! We're open to suggestions!!
I hope you have a great weekend!!

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  1. CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, are we going to have fun! And that video of Collin will also be my fave <3


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