My not-so-little boy

We enjoyed a fun evening at the Tulsa State Fair Monday night! We had corn dogs, BBQ sandwiches, spiral spuds, cotton candy, fresh squeezed lemonade...the whole nine yards. Collin even rode some of the kiddie rides. Now, I am not a fan of fair/carnival rides, at all! I mean, really, I know they have inspections to ensure their safety, but seriously, these things are taken down and put together so much...what if they miss a bolt? What if a screw is stripped? Just not my idea of safe fun. But, Robert is the fun parent, apparently, and assures me it's fine. So, Collin had a ball riding a few rides.

It hit me hard last night how much Collin has grown in his short 4 1/2 years of life. He insisted on riding the rides by himself. And since he was a couple inches taller than the 'ride with parent' limitation, we let him ride by himself. One of my favorite things is watching him thoroughly enjoy himself...and make friends no matter where we go. On every ride but one, he had a different little boy riding with him and they had the best time laughing together and enjoying themselves. And I love watching him grow and have fun! I'm trying to be very intentional about enjoying every moment with him, even the bad ones, because there is good in it all and it's going by so quickly.

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  1. How fun! He is such a big boy now :) And, I am 100% with you on fair rides, no thank you.


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