Five on Friday

{one} The day has arrived....Mia and I are off to Chicago for our girls weekend trip!! WOOHOO!!!! We're SO excited it's here!! I'm so grateful for my hubby who was so willing to encourage me to go and have fun while he stays home with the kiddos. Good man! :) Look out Chicago, we're on our way!!

{two} We just had to go get our nails done, last night, in prep for our trip. Gotta be looking good for the City. ;) I went with a fall-ish color. What do you think?
{three} I am obsessed with this bag. Guess where we'll be stopping in Chi town!
{four} One last Chicago thing, before I completely annoy y'all. :) We have made reservations at RPM Italian tomorrow night and are SO excited!! Bring on Mama DePandi pasta...and hopefully a visit with the Rancics :)
{five} Last Saturday, Mia and I threw a baby shower for our friend Angela. It was so much fun to love on her and prepare for baby bunny, as we so affectionately call the baby. Just a few more weeks now and then we'll get to snuggle him/her. So exciting!! Ang was SO sweet and gave us a gift card to our fav coffee shop in town. Yum, bring on the Pumpkin Pie Chai!!! Thanks Ang!!!

What are your top five things this week? Do you have any suggestions of things we need to do or places we need to go while we're in Chicago?


  1. Love the nail color! 5 things...nice weather, doing things out of my comfort zone, seeing Dave Ramsey, dinner with the husband and seeing advances in projects! :)

  2. I love the polish, you rebel ;) My purpose this weekend, besides Rancic hunting, is to find you that purse! Hope you're prepared to buy! Haha

  3. Pumpkin pie chai! I need to find a place here where we are to make that! Sounds delish! Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm envious that you're in Chicago right now--it's my hometown, but I rarely get to visit! :) Enjoy a slice of deep dish for me!
    Love your fall nails!


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