Many, many months ago, Robert and I began talking about taking a trip to Alaska. Robert's college roommate works for the same company Robert does and it currently working for them in Alaska. So, not only could we visit Dan but we could visit Alaska! Pretty cool, huh! Well, as we started getting down to the nitty gritty of actually planning and scheduling the trip, it looked like it was only going to work out for Robert to go to Alaska...for several different reasons. And that's been the plan for the last several months...until Thursday night.

Robert has been incredibly busy with work and will just become busier and busier as he's in a new leadership training program that is already very demanding. He'll be in this program until May. With the everyday demands of life and then the added stress of Robert's Elite program, I was becoming a bit desperate for time with my hubby. Alas, I began to wish I, too, was going to Alaska with him.

So, I mentioned it to him Thursday...and he was leaving Saturday morning. He was excited about the prospect of me coming so I began checking flights. Thankfully, we had enough airline miles to get me there so I just needed to buy a return flight. We found a decent price on a return flight and decided to go for it.

This trip is a big deal for me for a couple different reasons: 1) this is the first time I've left Collin and Emma, apart for a 3 day stint away from Collin before Emma was ever born, and 2) what a fun, fun opportunity to explore God's beautiful creation with my hubby....something that has been a dream of his for a long, long time!

My parents are amazing and very willing took on the task of watching Collin and Emma for us so we could have this time away together. I could not be more grateful and humbled to have such a supportive family willing to do anything for us at anytime. My inlaws are the same way and if the trip hadn't been so spontaneous (as far as me going along) they would have been here in a heartbeat as well.

So, here I am in Alaska with Robert truly in awe of God's glory and goodness...and we haven't even been here a full day or seen much apart from landing at the airport!

I'm excited to see what the week holds....

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