Alaskan Adventures

Alaska is absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, the pictures you'll see in this post DO NOT do it justice...hence my new hobby. ;) But, I'll tell you about our trip and share them anyway.

Robert's college roommate, Dan, lives in Alaska which is who we were staying with once we got there. There were some other friends, Brent & Carrie, who were visiting the same time. I didn't get to know Brent and Carrie too well until after college, mostly during this trip. They are a great couple!

The plan for much of the week was to go backpacking. While I do enjoy camping, I'm not such a great backpacker. The last backpacking trip I went on was before I had Collin. It was with a friend of ours from Wichita and we headed to the Buffalo River in Arkansas. For the most part I enjoyed the trip until we had to walk through waist deep, cold water and when I nearly got bit by a snake while taking a bathroom. That pretty much did me in that trip and then Robert just went with his buddies. But, it's Alaska, right. That's a fun way to see the back country.

It really wasn't that bad and I did enjoy the backpacking portions but I also enjoyed showering. :) Since there were now 2 girls on the trip, the boys graciously agreed to break up the backpacking portions. So one night we were able to stay in Seward, which was my favorite Alaskan town this visit. The hotel we stayed in wasn't my favorite but we were able to go on this awesome glacier cruise and see humpback whales, dall's porpoise, bald eagles, stellar sea lions, puffins and other incredible wildlife! Robert and I also took a trip up to Denali and went on a bus tour through Denali and saw a couple Grizzly bears, lots of caribou and some Moose.

I'm so very glad I went along. Before we left, we talked about all the things we want to do next time we come...but who knows when that may be. :) Hope you enjoy a few pictures.

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