Amazing Alaska!

Well, we made it home last night from our trip to Alaska. I'm SO happy I went!! Alaska is quite beautiful....so beautiful that we already started talking about our next trip there. Who knows when that will be, though. I had a couple "revelations", I guess, while we were there. Robert's company has an office there and the possibility of moving there at some point is actually a possibility. Up until our visit, I was completely against it. Now, however, the only thing that would stop me is how far from family it is...which is an important factor for me. So who knows what may or may not happen. The other thing I discovered is that I'd really like to explore the world of photography. There were so many moments and places I wished I had captured better. I was talking with a friend about my new found hobby and learned she has an interest in it as well! So, we're gonna look into taking an introductory photography class to learn more about it, save up for a camera and enjoy our new hobby. :) I'm excited!!

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  1. I love to hear stories of inspiration when others travel the world. I've never been to Alaska, but have heard really really good things. So glad you two had a great time.


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