Precious Moments

There are few things sweeter than when Collin or Emma shows me sweet love when they don't realize I'm paying attention. Both of my kiddos love it when I "go night night" with them for a little bit, either before naptime or bedtime. Collin is in a twin bed, so I'm able to lay with him for a little bit in his bed. But Emma is still in a crib, so we'll lay on "mommy and daddy's" bed for a little bit before resting. Two different occasions this week have absolutely melted my heart!

Nearly every night Collin will ask me to lay with him for a little bit. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. On this particular night that he asked me, I hadn't seen Robert all day and it had been a very stressful week at work for him, so I told Collin that I wanted to go out and see daddy, but that I'd lay with him the next day before he laid down to rest in the afternoon. So, that's what I did. The next day came and he hadn't forgotten what I said, so I laid down with him for quite some time. I was pretty tired that day and it felt nice to lay down and close my eyes a bit. Although I was resting my eyes, I didn't actually fall asleep. But while we were laying there, Collin took my arm so that it was laying across his chest and we were cuddling. That alone was precious, but then he completely melted my heart. He spent the next 15 minutes gently tickling/rubbing my arm and my hand. And then he'd stop and just pat my hand. Oh, it was so, so precious!! I kept peeking my eyes open to see if he was awake or asleep and he was awake, but getting so tired. He eventually got so tired he stopped and I quietly left so he could rest. Oh he just blessed my heart so much with his love!!

And tonight, sweet Emma topped it all off! She wanted to "go night night with Mommy", so we went and laid in my bed for awhile. I had the best time laying beside her, just watching her. She was so tired and kept rubbing her eyes. But then she turned to me and gently held my face with her hand and so softly and seriously said something to me. I'm not sure what she said, but I just smiled and said, yes I love you, too, Emma. She would turn her head and close her eyes, then turn back and do it again.  She did that 3 or 4 more times and I responded the same way. She would alternate between holding my face and rubbing my arm. Oh, so sweet!!!

Although our days are not always easy or "peaches and cream", I truly find myself thanking God daily for the two sweet blessings who call me mommy. I love being their mommy and can't imagine spending my days doing anything else than raising them.

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