Saturday digging

We learned pretty quickly that our new home has a drainage problem. Boo! We discovered this during our (ongoing) reno process, but didn't realize how bad it was until after we moved in and found water inside wall. Yikes! Thankfully, our family is incredibly helpful and my father-in-law came down this past weekend to help us address the problem. Robert and Mark worked so hard!! We're pretty sure the problem has been solved and now get to focus on adding landscaping. Yay!! I'm looking forward to that...adding some life to the front of our home.

I got some fun pictures of Collin helping Grandpop and Daddy dig in the dirt.

At this point in my picture taking, because I had quite a few more that I didn't put on here, he was like "Mommy, don't take my picture!". It was funny...and I'm sure foreshadowing. :)

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