Five on Friday!

It's Friday!! That means Robert comes home in 2 days....woohoo!!! This week has gone surprisingly fast, but I'm definitely ready to see my man. :) Here are some of my faves this week.

This cutie and I had a fun date on Monday morning! We went to see Planes in 3D. It was really cute. I would recommend it. We had tried to take him to movies before, like a couple years ago even, but he's always been a bit sensitive about really loud noises and the surround sound of the theater always scared him. This time, though, he was "big boy" and had a great time. It's so fun going on little dates!
2. I have been hunting for the perfect little writing desk for in our den and I found it Tuesday night!! I'm LOVING it! I need to get a couple cute things to put on it, a lamp and a cute chair, but I love it already. See my Erin Condren planner?! :)
3. So, since our fellas are in Alaska, Mia and I have taken advantage of this time and spent lots of time together. Sadly, we have pretty much no pics from the week, but we plan to change that tomorrow when we spend some time in the city. :)
4. My mother-in-law arrived Wednesday to visit for the week. It's always nice having her come visit. This time, we've decided to tackle our school room and get it ready for the year ahead. First thing, remove the wallpaper. Here's a little look at what we've done so far.
Here's the plaid wallpaper to remove. That's a sheet below the wallpaper covering the paneling so it doesn't get super messy while we work.
Here's the same wall with most of the wallpaper gone. It went surprisingly well and fast yesterday, which I'm thankful for, but I'm excited for it to be done.
5. Finally, I'm so excited that Robert comes home on Sunday! I had a surprise call from him last night, which was great, but my heart sank at first seeing the number come up. I wasn't supposed to hear from him until today, when they're out of the woods, but apparently there was one patch of reception, so he called. Once I heard that, I felt better. He's having a great time, for sure! And I'm so glad about that!! Listening to their adventures, though, I found myself thanking God over and over and over for having His hand of protection on them always. I can't wait to see him!!
So, there are my faves this week. I'd love to hear yours!
Until next time,


  1. your new desk is gorgeous! I love the brick background. Have fun in the city tomorrow!

    1. Thank you!! I really love it. Yes, I love it too!! I'd love to find just the right piece of artwork to compliment the wall, but still show it off. Thank you, we will!! :) And thanks for stopping by!

  2. Loving the desk! I have so enjoyed our week too, and can't wait for tomorrow and our fun date, and yay for our hubbies returning!! Can't wait to squeeze his neck :)


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