Little mouths praising Jesus

In our home, I have worship music playing nearly non stop. When we wake up in the morning, I usually turn on KLove and have it on all day. Music is powerful and it's a great way to help me stay encouraged and focused on the important things. And it's a great ministry tool. Collin and Emma are little sponges, soaking in everything they hear and see.

While we were staying at my parent's house, in between our last house and current house, my dad introduced us to a wonderful song full of great truths. Collin and Emma immediately became enthralled with He's Alive!.

They quickly learned the words to the song and request to watch it over and over. I pray those words sink deep in their hearts and they claim the truth that He Is Alive!! in their lives, as early as they can truly understand what Jesus did for them and accept His precious gift of salvation. I haven't been able to get a good recording of them singing along, but I'll keep trying. Here's a picture, though, of sweet Emma intently watching along. :)

Another favorite song around our house is Great I am;
 This is another song chalked full of awesome truths!! We were driving home from church yesterday listening to this song and Collin was singing along to it. :) This is one of those songs that when it comes on during the day, we stop what we're doing, turn it way up and praise Jesus together. Few things melt my heart more, than when I hear their sweet voices praising Jesus! These truly are the best days of my life!!
(If you look closely, you'll see sweet Emma's little leg moving along to the music. She may not be able to fully sing along yet, but she's praising Jesus too :))
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  1. So, so true! God created us to enjoy music as a form of worship and godly expression of love and life. And music greatly affects us even when we don't realize it.

    You know, "He's Alive" was popular when I was a new Christian, and lately my husband and I have been downloading some of those "oldies" and finding them very encouraging.

    So sweet to see little children respond to the message in these songs. You are a wise woman to surround yourself and your family with "God songs."

    1. The oldies are usually the "besties". Thank you for your sweet words!


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