I talked with Dr. Bohl-Witchey today and she was able to clear some things up for us. First off, Collin is fine...praise the Lord! She said his dilation is about 2cm and it's been about 1.8cm, so it was increased a little bit but not much and still nothing to be concerned about. She also said that the tiniest flick of your finger while doing the ultrasound can make things look worse than they actually are. So she assured me that everything was fine with Collin. Good news!

However, when Dr. Fumia was talking with her yesterday, he said that while he was doing the ultrasound he was pushing on Collin some to see if he would move at all and when he did that, my uterus began contracting. (I didn't feel it when he was pushing...I felt him pushing on Collin but didn't realize that I was having a contraction.) So because of that, he told Dr. Bohl-Witchey that an external aversion wouldn't work. She explained that the uterus muscles need to be relaxed and not contracting in order to flip him. And while there is a medication she could give me to keep my uterus muscles relaxed while she attempted the aversion, it still wouldn't work. The plan was to do the aversion and if it worked to immediately start me on pitocin and begin labor. Well, if she gave me medication to keep my muscles relaxed, she couldn't give me the pitocin right away which would give Collin a chance to flip back, thus the aversion won't work. Big bummer!

So, now the plan is to have my regular appointment on Friday and check my amniotic fluid levels. If they are still good, then we can wait until March 2 to do the c-section. If they aren't good, we'll have to go in Tuesday for the c-section. However, she did still say that if I came in on Friday and he was head down she would go ahead and induce me right then.

As of today, I'm going to the chiropractor twice today and tomorrow with the hopes of getting Collin to flip. I'd love to go in on Friday and have him be head down and begin labor, but obviously I don't have a choice in the matter. I'm so glad in our childbirth class they had us plan out our ideal labor and delivery and then made us realize that rarely does that happen, so go in as open-minded as possible. I'm still working on that.

In the mean time, I'm going to continue going to the chiropractor, trying this acupuncture and above all else, pray. Pray that everything continues to look good with Collin and that ideally, he'll flip.


  1. I'm a passive reader, I don't know you, but I wanted to let you know I am praying for you. I am 21 weeks pregnant, and I sympathize with you about not wanting a c-section unless absolutely necessary. I'll be praying for little Collin to flip and just once!

  2. Wow, Krystal! You don't have much longer! I had 2 c-sections myself so if you have any questions, I'd be glad to try to help! I'll be praying ;-)

  3. thanks for the update, Kristal! we're still praying!


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