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I'm truly not trying to be a drama queen these last few weeks with Collin, so please forgive me if I'm coming across that way. But here's the latest.

We went to see Dr. Fumia, the specialist, today and we always do an ultrasound at these visits. I knew Collin didn't feel right this morning in that he felt much higher and breech than he has nearly the past week. I was not too happy about this and not looking forward to the ultrasound for fear that it would burst my little bubble that he's flipping. Unfortunately, my bubble has been burst. The little stinker is breech again! Ugh!! Now, there are some good things to this latest situation. 1) He's not frank breech anymore, meaning his little legs are NOT up over his head...this is a good thing for the potential of him flipping on his own or for a successful aversion 2) He's no longer 'sunny-side up' meaning he's facing my back and if he would simply flip to head down he would be in the ideal position for a vaginal birth. So, although it wasn't the news I was hoping for, it's not the worst thing either.

Collin does still have dilation in his collecting system. He's had this all along and Dr. Fumia has always felt that it's not been cause for concern and that in fact all male babies have a dilated collecting system due to increased hormones during pregnancy. However, at this point in pregnancy, your amniotic fluid begins to decrease, or so he told me. Because of this, the dilation could become a little worse and because Collin is considered full term, Dr. Fumia suggests we deliver him next week. His reasoning is because he wants to ensure that Collin's dilation is simply due to the increased hormones and not a blockage in his kidneys and that'll be evident at birth. However, he also said that he would definitely need to be delivered asap if my fluid levels have decreased at my next appointment with Dr. Bohl-Witchey which is Friday. Quite frankly, Robert and I are once again confused with what he's saying. On the one hand, he says it's time to get Collin out but on the other hand if my fluid hasn't decreased by Friday, we'll just keep playing it by ear and keep him in me a little longer. Confusing. So, I'm planning on calling Dr. Bohl-Witchey tomorrow and asking her to clear things up for us. (Dr. Fumia said he was going to call her and talk with her about this situation)

So, all that to say he's flipped back to being breech...we probably don't have as long anymore to go to the chiropractor and get him to flip naturally...there is a good chance I will be holding my baby on Monday, this Monday! So much to swallow and absorb!

I'm really not trying to beat a dead horse here, but if you could please say some extra prayers for us, we would very much appreciate it!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Could things be more confusing? Either way, I know you and little Collin will be absolutely fine, but I can imagine how frustrated you must feel. Our prayers are with you and your little guy. I love Dr. Bohl-Witchey and know she'll be able to give you the advice you need (and she'll explain it better, too ...) :). Love you, friend.

  2. Boys - what are you going to do with them? Guess Collin prefers to have his head in the clouds as opposed to in the sand and that's not a bad thing. :)
    Hang in there.

  3. Sorry to hear things aren't going as you hoped - but there is still time and definitely still prayer. I will continue to pray that little Collin will flip and you will be able to deliver like you want to. Love you, girlie!

  4. Dr. Fumia...what a confusing man...at least Collin still looks healthy and he'll be here soon! I'll keep praying for you and I know that Dr. Bohl-Witchey will be able to clear things up for you and keep you calm...she's an amazing doctor! oh...and we all decided to skip playgroup for a while. it looks like Collin will be here the next time we all "play." !!!!!!!


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