Exciting news!!

First of all, thank you thank you thank you for praying for Collin and I!! I have very exciting news to share with you. No, he hasn't flipped yet.....but, he's in position to and trying to!! Hooray!!

On Monday, I started going to a chiropractor who has been doing acupunture on me and although being 36 1/2 weeks along isn't the ideal time to flip a breech baby because he's getting too big, she was very hopeful and optimistic that she could get him to flip. Well, after only 3 days of seeing her, he has become unlodged, is nearly sideways and is in flipping position. He is no longer considered 'frank breech'! When I went to Dr. Bohl-Witchey today and did the ultrasound, she said she is very encouraged by his change in position and really thinks that he'll flip on his own! PRAISE THE LORD!! She told me to keep going to the chiropractor, keep doing my exercises, and keep praying! All of which I absolutely plan on doing!! So, please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Although he is in position to flip, Dr. Bohl-Witchey wanted to go ahead and schedule the aversion. So...we are scheduled to go in on March 2....that's right, 2 weeks and 4 days from today! At that point, if he hasn't flipped, she will attempt the aversion, hopefully he'll flip, I'll begin pitocin and labor will begin. If he doesn't flip, then they'll do a c-section right then.

Now, my next question was, what if he flips before the 2nd? We won't keep that scheduled date right? I'll just go into labor on my own? To which she said that if I come in and he's head down, it'll be our decision but she would be willing to start me on pitocin and begin
labor immediately that way he doesn't have the option to flip back. (She knows how badly I desire to have him vaginally.)

So we are certainly moving in the right direction!! I truly believe that he's going to flip on his own. If he has moved this much after only 3 days of going to the chiropractor, surely by the 2nd he'll have flipped on his own.

I'm going to keep on keepin' on.


  1. How does the acupuncture feel? Needles don't really bother me, so I don't think that would be a big deal, but do they stay in for a long time? I've never known anyone who's had acupuncture. Fascinating!
    Glad your little stinker is starting to move. That's terrific news.

  2. Praise the Lord! I'm so excited. I've been praying for you and will continue to do so! Whatever the outcome is, you'll be fine. I can't wait to see pictures of your little Collin! Love ya!

  3. That's so great, Kristal! You looked awesome tonight--I could tell how relieved and hopeful you are! I'm so glad you are encouraged and I'm SO glad that little Collin is beginning to turn his little body in the right direction! I'll keep praying!

  4. praise the Lord! oh my goodness...how exciting! keep turning little guy! I can't belive he's almost here!

  5. Less than three weeks! God is so faithful - and we'll keep praying!

  6. AWESOME, Kristal! You can thank Pam for remembering to mention you during our Bible study prayer request time! You've definitely been prayed for by us FBCers! Keep us posted!

  7. Wonderful! Thank you Lord for You are merciful and gracious to us! Praying! :)


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