Five on Friday

It's Friday...and Black Friday at that!! I hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with those you love! I'm linking with these lovely ladies: Darci, A.Liz Adventures, Hello!Happiness, Carolina Charm &Lauren Elizabeth. Here's my top 5 this week...

{one} We had such a nice Thanksgiving yesterday at my parent's house. We enjoyed way too much delicious food, carried on our "Christmas Vacation after the meal" tradition and even had a visit from Cousin Eddie! Honestly, how hilarious and awesome is my hubby!! 

{two} I recently purchased a phone cover from To Gild The Lily and love it!! I have several other favorites that I'll have to eventually get. :) Do you see any you love?

{three} Snuggles!! We have had some great family time at home this past week and we are soaking in these moments!! Those three, my hubby & kiddos, have my heart! 
{four} I'm not so sure why it took me so long to get a pair, but I have finally discovered the loveliness of fleece jammies . I am obsessed and wouldn't mind finding another pair under the tree this Christmas.
{five} I'm super excited to be partnering with a couple of my favorite ladies, Mia and Katie, to do a Christmas giveaway beginning Monday! You'll have to check back Monday for your chance to win some awesome gifts!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with those you love! Did you get out and do any Black Friday shopping today?


  1. No black friday shopping for us. Although I waited to place an order on Vitacost until today bc they have some deals going on that will save a few bucks!

  2. Cousin Eddie's visit cannot be topped....that was AWESOME!! Too too funny....Thanks to Robert for adding an extra special & funny touch to our Thanksgiving day!! Love you all bunches!!

  3. Haha your husband totally looks like cousin Eddie! I love that! So happy you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Can't wait for tomorrow :)

  4. My Mother-in-law got me a pair of the ugliest fleece pajamas a couple years ago. I still think they're ugly--but they are so perfectly warm and cozy that they sure get a lot of wear!


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