Five on Friday

Whew, this has been a tough week, for many different reasons. I'm glad it's coming to a close and the weekend is upon us.

{one} My kiddos are finally feeling better, almost 100%. We had one of the scariest nights with Emma last Friday night. She was all croupy and couldn't catch her breath. Honestly, I was border line panic attack. Nothing is scarier than watching your child struggle for breath. Thankfully, we got her calmed down and able to breath again and it didn't happen again. And after a week of battling a nasty cold, both are almost better. Thank you, Jesus!!
Little sweeties napping together. They insisted on napping together and Collin was convinced it would make her feel better. Love them!

{two} The red cups are back!!! I've enjoyed a couple drinks in them already this week. My normal Misto somehow tastes even better in a red cup. :)
{three} I was going through one of my drawers the other day and came across my grandma's wedding ring. She passed away December 16, 2008. She was (is) one of my favorite people ever. I miss her like crazy. Wearing her ring makes it feel like she's right there with me every day. Thank you, Mom, for letting me have it!

{four} Tomorrow I get to have lunch with Mia and Cassie. Mia and I have gotten to know her thanks to blogging, so we're really excited to meet her in person!

{five} Our sweet friends Andrew and Angela are in the hospital right now awaiting the arrival of their sweet baby! I'm SO excited!!! This is their first baby and they don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, so it'll be really exciting. They are going to be such great parents! I'm planning/hoping to go up this evening and meet him/her. Auntie needs some baby snuggles!!
Me, Ang and Mia at the shower we threw for her. (Emma is down there, too)

What are your weekend plans? Or highlight from the week?


  1. Ready to meet up with the two of you also!!

  2. So glad your kids are feeling better! Not fun and so scary. That ring is beautiful! A perfect way to remember your Grandma. Have a great weekend! Sounds like you have a lot of fun planned with lunches and new babies :)

  3. Glad your sweet little ones are better :) Adorable picture. Hope you're weekend is going well.

  4. You're welcome honey!! ;)


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