Duck Dynasty love

It's no secret matter that I, and my family, love Duck Dynasty! So this year we decided to change our route to the beach and stop overnight in West Monroe to check out Duck Commander and the town a little bit. I'm not gonna lie, I was really looking forward to this stop! Changing our route didn't really add any time to our trip, either. In fact, West Monroe was pretty close to a true half way point, making it a great stopping point.

Here we are...in our driveway about to head out. I promise, Emma isn't mad at the world here. :)

We arrived to West Monroe between 5-6. We had checked online to see when Duck Commander closed and found out they closed at 6:00. We really wanted to get over there before they closed in case we'd see one of the guys leaving. So after a quick stop, check in, potty break and diaper change at the hotel, we headed over to Duck Commander. We only stayed about a mile from there, so it didn't take long to find.

Something we were so surprised with was how many people were there!!! So many! Honestly, I didn't know what to expect but I thought we'd stop by, take a couple pics by the sign and be done. For some strange reason it never crossed my mind that other people would have the same idea and be there, too. Duh!

We lucked out getting there before 6:00. Although we didn't see any of the guys, we were able to walk through a "store" they set up in the warehouse with all kinds of Duck Dynasty paraphernalia. It was really fun just being there. Seeing what we see on TV, but seeing it in person. Remembering funny things that happened right where we were. It was just really fun.

We're here!! My brother followed us down to the beach, so he's the other guy in the pic.

 Yes!! The beards are back!! Very much looking forward to August 14! :)

Collin was very interested with what was in the hole. It was just a drainage pipe. Remember when they tried to fill this area up with water to test the duck calls on real ducks?! So funny!!

Collin really loves big trucks!

Remember the episode when they had the doughnut eating contest?! I'm telling you, I love the show!

After a fun time checking things out at Duck Commander, we ended our night devouring enjoying a cookie monster from Cheddar's. Yum!!!

While driving to the beach is always exciting, it was extra exciting this year with our stop in West Monroe. We plan to make it our new route to the beach from here on out. :)

Until next time,


  1. FUN! Thanks for sharing :) I LOVE that pic of you all at the top, captures your fam perfectly. Oh and yeah, that's just Emma's "diva-tude" face... Such a lil stinker! "STOP IT!"

  2. Lol....Mia ....you couldn't have commented any better than you did!!! Well....all that leaves me to be able to say is that this post Kristal makes me ......"HAPPY - HAPPY - HAPPY!" Love you!!

  3. Looks like fun! I've not ever seen the show, but have heard so many things about their faith and their portrayal of family and respect and work ethic and God.

    1. It's very true Linda!! They are not shy about their faith, which I love! There is so little of that on TV, so I want to support them as much as possible. :)


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