Jonah 3-4

I'm joining the lovely ladies of SheReadsTruth as we finish out Jonah this week.

People are beautiful.

Through different means lately, the Lord has been opening my eyes to the beauty and uniqueness of people. And that all people are made in His image.

Living in such a sin sick world, filled with great evil and atrocities, it has become easy for me to see the negative and ugliness in (some) people. Even become callused to them. Callused to their need for Jesus.

After studying Jonah 3-4, it's pretty safe to say that Jonah was callused to the Ninevites. They were some of the most awful people in the world and why on earth would God show mercy and grace to them?! It just didn't make sense!

It doesn't appear that Jonah's heart ever changed toward the people of Ninevah, either. Sure, he obeyed God and gave the message God wanted him to give to the Ninevites. But then he camped outside the city, waiting, in pride and anger, for God to cast down His judgement on the people of Ninevah.

How often do we do we mimick the mindset Jonah had toward the Ninevites?! We see the evil of others, the sin in their life, and see no reason God should ever bestow His grace and mercy to them. Living life as a Christian, it can be easy to fall into complacency, legalism & a judgmental attitude. But that is NOT what Jesus brings to the world!

Jesus brings love, hope, freedom! And as His child, it is my job (just like it was Jonah's job) to point people to Jesus, not point out their faults. Because let's face it, I have a mess of imperfections I need to work on long before I call anybody else out.

So, who can I love like Jesus today? Who can you love like Jesus today?

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  1. Amen to that! How great is our God that we are all made in His image, yet we are all so different? Beautiful.

  2. What a neat little series - thanks for sharing!!


  3. Good reminder for sure, especially this week ;)

  4. So I'm really late on this study, but I started this morning and I LOVE it so far. I am so bad about pointing my finger at someone else's faults. Really, Maegen? Can I cast that stone? Goodness I'm glad God is a gracious God!

  5. We are so quick to see the sin as the same as the sinner... totally different...

  6. Loved this Kristal! I've really been enjoying the Jonah study :)

  7. It's important to remember that God loves imperfect people, in fact, these imperfections can make them more beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is something I REALLY struggled with and didn't even realize I did until I got pregnant with Lincoln. It's something I really try to pray against because it was such a bondage for so long! It's so easy to think that I deserve grace and Jesus more than someone else. I'm so glad God didn't have my attitude when He sent Jesus!



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