Thankful Thursday Week 13

Welcome back for another week of Thankful Thursday with my lovely co-hosts Katie, Mia & Carly! We hope you'll join in with us this week as we focus on gratitude in the big and small!

{Thursday, March 20} It was the first day of Spring and it was sunny and warm outside! While the kids played outside, I looked through a new magazine.

{Friday, March 21} We headed out on our first family camping trip!

{Saturday, March 22} I don't think I took a single picture this day! We made it home from our camping trip, completely exhausted, so spent the afternoon recouping before heading to my parents for a fun family dinner with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents!

{Sunday, March 23} We went out with Mia and Dustin for a fun date night. As you know by now, they are moving to the beach, so these date nights are even more precious to us!

{Monday, March 24} This cutie lost his second bottom tooth! And then, at our family dinner, Papa paid him $1 to tickle his feet for 5 minutes. Gross and a ripoff is what I say! Collin obviously thought otherwise. :)

{Tuesday, March 25} We snuggled up for a family movie night watching Frozen (along with the rest of America, I'm sure) Can you find my movie watching spot?

 {Wednesday, March 26} I love her little voice and the songs she sings all.the.time.

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  1. Aw sweet sweet Emma! So thankful for friend dates <3 and still laughing at Collin and the feet tickling, you better teach that boy about getting ripped off, shame on papa lol

  2. That is too funny about Collin-- one dollar is big money to a little kid though :) I love the photo of you guys enjoying a movie night! Those will be such fun memories when they're grown up! Also, love the date night picture-- you look gorgeous!

  3. Frozen taking over the world :)
    Kids think $1 is a million... :) Those were the days :)

  4. That video is so cute! I would do anything for a dollar when I was a kid - think of all the candy that could buy! :) Looks like it's been a great week!

  5. LOVE that you & Mia know each other personally and love close by..! How awesome..! I only know one blogger friend, Kendwy..!!

  6. The picture of you and your husband is so sweet! Your poor son! Haha. $1 is a lot for a kid! And I'm still laughing at myself for not knowing that you and Mia live close to each other until I saw it on Instagram! Have an amazing weekend!

  7. I LOVE all your photos - what a beautiful family you have!

    I must admit, I am in love with Frozen just a tad. ;)

    Happy thursday!!

  8. I really want to link up with this. I keep forgetting! Maybe next week :)


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