Thankful Thursday Week 11

It's Thursday and time for another installment of Thankful Thurday! My co-hosts Mia @ MakeMeUpMia, Katie @ Katie Elizabeth, Carly @ Carly Blogs Here & I hope you'll grab the image below and link up with us as you share what you're thankful for this week!

{Thursday, March 6} A long time ago I told you how enthralled Collin and Emma are by the song He's Alive sung by David Phelps. Well, he actually came to a local church and we were able to go to the concert. Although he didn't sing that song, we thoroughly enjoyed the concert. His voice is ah-mazing!

{Friday, March 7} Neighbor came for a visit...always thankful for that! :)
I'm also thankful my hubby and friends get along so well. They took this jewel while I took a little potty break. {You take my phone, I share your pic. Lesson learned. :)}

{Saturday, March 8} Robert and I enjoyed a date night in after the kids went to bed watching Gravity.

{Sunday, March 9} I have no idea why I didn't take a picture this day, but we enjoyed playing outside in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day, cool, but beautiful!

{Monday, March 10} It was perfect outside!! We played outside of the whole day! I'm so excited for spring and summer days just like this!

{Tuesday, March 11} I'm so thankful for this sweet bear of Collin's. He's had it since he was 4 months old and sleeps with it every night. Honestly, I hope he never outgrows it. :)

{Wednesday, March 12} I was so tired yesterday, so during nap time I laid down too and finished Sparkly Green Earrings. {I'll post about how much I loved this book another time.} Collin was so sweet! He rested with me and as I laid down and closed my eyes, he went and got his blanket, covered me up & sat next to me reading his books while I rested. Such a sweetie!

There's a recap of what I'm thankful for this week! I'd love to see what you're thankful for...link up with us below.

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  1. Love the picture your friends left you on your friend..! Lesson learned I hope hehe..


  2. Sweet childhood toys... how many memories do they hold :)
    I need to get that book too - Have the new one she wrote.

  3. Sweet pictures! So happy to be participating this week and thanks for hosting such a great link-up!!

  4. It's such a wonderful feeling seeing your friends and your husband get along. I LOVE that!

  5. So many things to be thankful for! That bear is just precious!

  6. I love that y'all have been able to play outside so much! And Sparkly Green Earrings is my very favorite book! Did you know she just came out with a second one about marriage? I'm not married but definitely going to read it!

  7. My brother had a blanket since he was a newborn and he still has it to this day! 19 years old:) So I think Collin's bear could be around for a looong time!:)

  8. Ohhh that picture in the sun looks glorious! Being able to spend time outside is such a good feeling! How was gravity?? I can't wait to hear what you think of the book! Before you posted about it the other week I had never heard of it, but after that I noticed it on my amazon for suggested books I might like!

  9. Sounds like you have a very sweet little boy on your hands! I hope Hadley has a blanket or stuffed animal she loves when she gets a little older. :) And I'm loving the warm weather! Bring on spring!

  10. Gravity is on my must see list and Sparkly Green Earrings is on my must read list! Sounds like it was a great week :) Happy Thursday!

  11. Looks like you had a great week! Fun with hubs, kids and friends. Even a little rest time too!

  12. I love it when kids get attached to cute things like that. I only like it if they sleep with it though. Imagine going to the store and forgetting it at home?! Muahahahahaha. Torture!
    The picture that was taken with your phone was hilarious! Keep on posting them. That'll teach 'em. Lol


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