Thankful Thursday Week 12

Happy Thursday! We had an awesome turn out last week for Thankful Thursday...THANK YOU! Katie, Mia, Carly & I hope you'll join us this week, too!

{Thursday, March 13} Collin was trained in canoe safety at swim class and he was the captain of the canoe. Pretty exciting stuff! :)

{Friday, March 14} Another exciting day for Collin...his first t-ball practice! He did good and it was fun watching him on a team. I'm looking forward to his season!

{Saturday, March 15} I took my sweet neighbor to lunch at a cute tea house in town. She had a ball! And I did, too! When I dropped her off at home, she told me how nice it was to go out somewhere with someone. :) This was a delicious piece of Italian Cream Cake I ate.

{Sunday, March 16} I have no pictures from this day because it was a gross, cold, rainy day outside. So after church & lunch, I snuggled up in bed with Emma and took a nice afternoon nap. It was awesome!

{Monday, March 17} Dancing with the Stars premiered!! And I was able to convince Robert to watch it with me after the kiddos were in bed. :) Go, Candace, go!!

{Tuesday, March 18} Tuesday brought the kickoff of a giveaway I'm co-hosting with some lovely bloggers. I just love the blogging community and am thankful for be a part of it!

{Wednesday, March 19} This past weekend I got a new iPad and I'm loving it! You may remember this has been on my wishlist for awhile and it finally happened. Eek! :)

There's a quick look into some of the things I'm thankful for this week. I'd love t see what you're thankful for, too!

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  1. YIPEE for an iPad!!!!
    I'm so cheering on Candace too!!!
    I saw all the links last week - it was great visiting new Thankful people :)

  2. Ipad = awesome! And hooray for the giveaway! Xx.

  3. wonderful things to be thankful for!!

  4. Yay!! for the iPad. It's been on my wishlist as well but can't make myself pull the trigger. And didn't Candace do awesome?!?!

  5. Collin looks so cute catching the ball! We must make a Saturday tea room date :) I'm not watch DWTS, but I'm cheering Candace on, LOVE her. She's gorgeous. Love your iPad background!

  6. Candace was AMAZING on DWTS! I love her, and congrats on your new iPad!!

  7. How sweet are those pictures of Collin?! I can't wait for t-ball! Naps are the best! Go Candace! And an iPad.. awesome! I hope you're having a fabulous day!


  8. Loving all of those Lilly goodies and your iPad will be such a fun new toy! Happy almost Friday!

  9. Your Sunday sounds like perfection! And woohoo for your new iPad! I think I'm one of the last people in the world without one, haha! Happy Thursday :)

  10. Each week I read your thankful post I just smile. I love seeing the big and small joys that you acknowledge. We all have the power to do that, but sometimes just forget.

  11. Yay for an IPad! I want one so bad, it's been on my wish list for awhile. How fun for Collin to be captain and to start baseball. It's always fun to watch little ones play, they are so cute! Hope the rest of your week goes well!! :)

  12. I'm a Candace fan, too! She did such a good job! I also just got an ipad. Love it! In fact, it's reading me one of my text books right now. Love that it enables me to multi-task.


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