Q & A with Mr. Strong

Several of my blogger friends {Mia, Maegan, Katie and others} have done the Q&A post with their hubby's and it is hilarious! I enjoyed them so much I decided to jump on board. So, while we were traveling to Chicago, I interviewed Robert. Let me just apologize in advance for some of his answers. He likes to be a stinker...:)

K:What does OOTD stand for?
R: I've never heard of that, I don't know. Hold on. {What he said next, I cannot even share. Embarrassing!}

K: What is the name of my blog?
R: kristalstrong.blogspot

K: What do I typically write about?
R: Silence. Then, the Strong family.

K:What do you know about Pinterest?
R: Pinterest? It's a waste of time.

K: What's a Hunter wellie?
R: Repeat
K: What's a Hunter wellie?
R: What?! Can you put that in a sentence?

K: What is our favorite thing to do?
R: {While giving me googly eyes} "Need I say"

K: What is my favorite TV show?
R: Guiliana & Bill or Parenthood

K: What is one thing nobody knows about me?
R: That's a stupid question. If I knew it, then I would know & therefore doesn't answer the question.

K: What would I order at Starbucks?
R: Half mocha latte frappachino (he was just making up "coffee" words)

K: What do I do when I'm home alone?
R: Vacuum

K: What do you do when you're home alone?
R: Watch tv and surf the internet

So there you have it. A little interview with the hubby. He keeps me laughing, that's for sure!


  1. That is hilarious! I can't even imagine what my hubby's answers would be. :)

  2. Omg.. Can you put that in a sentence..! Men..!!! Hahhahha

  3. oh my gosh, this made me laugh so hard!

  4. LOL....YEP that's Robert for ya!! What a nut!! ;)

  5. Hahaha! Pinterest is NOT a waste of time, I bet he enjoys all of those recipes you make from there ;) You must tell me what his first answer was for OOTD!

  6. Haha reading these will never get old! And I have to say.. his "half mocha latte frappachino" sounds pretty good!

  7. I LOVE his answers. I love these posts! Googly eyed answer... typical. Put Hunter Wellie into a sentence? Bahaha!

  8. I so love these... I still need to get my hubs to do it.
    Men... only thing of one thing... with that wink! haha!!!

  9. Too funny! I love his explanation of Pinterest! Sounds like Andrew calling Instagram "Instaphoto" ha!

  10. hahaha love it!! I MUST do this asap bc I'm sure mine would be hilarious as well! xoxo :)

  11. hahaha, absolutely love his answer to pinterest, that's exactly what my hubby says:) they just don't get it lol;)
    Mariel Collins
    Living For His Glory

  12. hahahaha @ What?! Can you put that in a sentence?

  13. Love this!!! And if he's right about those TV shows then it's obvious you're a girl after my own heart. And OOTD - I die lol. This was great! I might just have S do the same thing. :)

  14. Haha I'm loving the "Half mocha latte frappachino."

  15. Haha! I love the answers. It sounds like your hubby has a great sense of humor. :D

  16. His answers are hilarious! I need to do this with my husband!!

  17. Your husband is a great sport! I was laughing through the whole thing!

  18. Cute! Sound like you guys had fun! I enjoyed doing our q&a session too :)

  19. Stopping by from the linkup and I've been planning on doing one of these Q&A's too because I think they are so fun! I love your hubby's answers! Too funny! The OOTD one is so funny! :)

  20. this is hilarious! I'm definitely going to be doing this on my blog soon!


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