Workout love, who me?! {TIU Giveaway!}

I will be the first to admit, I've never been big on working out. Sure, there have been times in my life (especially after having my kiddos) that I've buckled down and exercised to lose weight. I've even trained, well I say trained very loosely, and completed my first 5k. But, I've never truly enjoyed it.

Until now.

At the beginning on this month, I committed to taking care of myself spiritually and physically. I've really come to understand that I'm much better at caring for those I love, when I'm caring for myself. That means being intentional about meeting (and focusing throughout the day) with Jesus and exercising!

Enter the Tone It Up girls. {Thank you, Mia, for introducing me to the them!}

I knew I didn't want to join a gym, but rather, figure out a way to work out at home, around my schedule. So, I decided to join the Bikini Series. I'd been following Katrina and Karena for a while, doing some of their workouts here and there, and I really enjoyed the workouts. So, I decided to take the plunge and join the challenge.

I had no idea when I signed up how much this would change my life. Honestly, I wasn't even sure if I would finish the 8 week program. But, I'm going strong and loving, yes I said loving, working out!! In fact, I look forward to my work outs each day.

I commit about an hour a day to exercising. I do cardio on our elliptical for 30 minutes each day. {I know most people would prefer to run outside when the weather is nice, but I love doing the elliptical.} I turn on an episode of Army Wives and am off, enjoying my workout. Then, I do whatever exercise set the Bikini Series calls for that day. The workouts aren't too long, roughly 20 minutes, but are so good!

I've noticed a huge difference in myself physically and mentally since starting the challenge. When we were in Albuquerque, I wasn't able to work out and I just didn't feel good. I missed working out! Who would have ever thought I'd say that?! Not me!!

What I finally understand, after hearing people saying it over and over, is that you have to find something you enjoy doing for exercise. I've found what works for me and my lifestyle is changing to include exercise every day(or most days). It might be different for you and that's ok! The point is to take care of your body the best you can so you can be here as long as possible with, and for, those you love.  

What is it for you? What's your motivation to exercise? What's your favorite way to exercise?

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  1. TIU sisters! Whoop whoop! I completely agree about feeling 100% better when you are working out consistently! It's amazing. Keep strong girl, you are going to be rocking that bikini (not that you aren't already)! Ow ow! PS. I think it's awesome your kids see you working out too. It will only inspire them to care about their health when they get older.

  2. You go girl! So awesome to hear that you're loving the workouts, maybe I need some TIU girls in my life?!

  3. So the series you are doing at home what equipment do you need? I am trying to think ahead to what I will be doing after baby comes. She can not go to gym day care until 8 weeks old and I am not sure that I even want to bring her that young, but I have to do something! Thinking something at home will work best for awhile. Is it stuff that can be done inside or more of garage because you are jumping around? Glad you are enjoying it so much!

  4. Keep it up!! That's so neat when you get the switch where you then feel like you NEED exercise in your life because it makes you feel better.

  5. Way to go! I have a few girls from church who meet up in the mornings which is hard to get up but worth it!

  6. So amazing Kristal! So glad to hear you've found something you enjoy! I've heard great things about TIU- from Mia ;) This was definitely an inspiring post to read!

  7. Great post! I'm the same way with working out (ugh) but I go through phases and most of it is def at home which is why tone it up is great! xoxo love it!

  8. I'm so glad you found what you truly love!! It's awesome :)

  9. this is so awesome! i really think everyone would love it if they found something they enjoyed. yay!

  10. So happy you're loving your workouts! I also feel so much better when I'm being active and getting a good daily sweat in! And I love the aspect of leading by example for our kiddos :) Get it, girl!

  11. The TIU girls are amazing!! The idea of watching a TV show while on the elliptical is genius. That would get me on there for hours! Are you loving Army Wives?!


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