Frozen Fruit Cups

Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a great weekend. We spent the weekend building a play set for the kiddos. It was no quick job, but their smiles & laughs while playing on it make it completely worth it. :)

The weather was beautiful this weekend! In fact, it made me think of one of my favorite spring & summer snack recipes. So refreshing & filling, especially when you're playing all day outside or splashing in the pool. 


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  1. This sounds so delish! Now if we could just get some sunshine, I'd have it made :)

  2. This sounds fab..! Can't wait to try this summer..!! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. This sounds so good and refreshing! Would it work in a popsicle container? Or would it be too messy?

  5. These sound so good! Now if only the weather would cooperate - it's sleeting here right now!!

  6. Yum! I'm going to have to steal one of these ;) Perfect summer treat for sure!

  7. I bet the kiddos love this! Sounds like summer goodness!


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